DNS or Did Not Start

I'd had the odd did not starts before.
I once entered a run that wasn't where I thought it was (same name different place) and it was a bit of a drive for a 5k, and one which I entered on a whim last minute with no transport to get there!

I was in no doubt about running this event. It was the first one. A new event, a point to point, start here finish there, half marathon.

Fylde Coast West Coast Half Marathon

"New for the 2016 calendar. The event is exclusively limited to 300 runners, on this unique, flat, point to point course. Starting in Preston, the route passes Preston Docks onto the Guild Wheel, then runs through Freckleton into Warton then onto Lytham St Annes for the grand finish at Fairhaven Lake where a warm welcome awaits you"

The start and finish were OK for my hub to drive to as I was lone running (as usual) and needed to be dropped off at the start and then picked up at the end.
The finish was at the seaside and I planned to have fish and chips after with my hub.

I entered as soon as it was announced [August 2015] Over a year before the actual event!
I liked if a race was 'different' IE crossed over a bridge or went under a tunnel and a point to point was (to me) different.

I booked time off work for it (and then requested time off with my new work).

I gradually upped my miles in 2016 after completing my ultra, and 8-12 miles were soon a normal run for me. Slow but I was certain I could pick up pace enough to beat my first half marathon time of 2:20 ish Which I found a struggle at the time in 2015. This time a half marathon shouldn't be a problem!

Thursday and Friday at work I was asked if I was OK on a few occasions by members of staff. I admitted to feeling under the weather. 
My daughter was full of a cold and the hub had called in sick to work which he never did ...

The Friday before the event I got up for work at 5:30am and coughed so much I resigned to call in sick. I went back to bed. I didn't feel too bad later in the day, and was optimistic about running, but Saturday I remained in bed until late afternoon and it was then I knew I wouldn't be able to run Sunday.

I was massively disappointed not to be running. It was the last event I'd entered for 2016, and the one I was most looking forward to, yet most apprehensive about.
How long would I take? Would I get lost? would I be last? 

I knew I wouldn't have been able to run for two and a half hours. Longer still if I was ill. Which I had to admit I was.

Hopefully the event would be a success and I'd be able to join in next year.
Little consolation as I cycled to work, coughing, at 6am the next morning...


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